“To create jewelry means entering a world of beauty, art and harmony. It means finding poetry in the essence of shape. It means travelling in the conquest of unexpected horizons, where the design meets the desires.”

We, at Silvari Jewels, are proud to be partnered with Pesavento - an Italian jewelry brand born in Vicenza, the artisan jewelry capital of the world. Pesavento has become a point of reference for fine jewelry, influencing modern technology, contemporary design, and the crafting of precious materials. 

Pesavento began its creative journey in 1992. Founders Marino Pesavento and Chiara Carli formed a bond over their mutual love of innovation and contemporary art. When building Pesavento, they built a foundation on the values of creativity, culture, innovation, and the capacity to transform precious materials into one of a kind pieces “Made in Italy.”

Passion and care go into every detail to make each piece of handmade jewelry truly unique.   Using traditional Italian craftsmanship to create both classic silhouettes to innovative proprietary finishes, Pesavento creates emotion with it's designs. 

 Pesavento at Silvari Jewels


Pesavento's Proprietary Finish:  Polvere di Sogni 

Siamo fatti della stessa materia di cui sono fatti i sogni” (we are the substance dreams are made of). 

There is no greater ode to innovation than Pesavento’s one of a kind finish Polvere di Sogni (which you can find also featured in the DNA Spring Collection). At the beginning, Polvere di Sogni answered one simple question. How do we bring light, and all it’s beauty and depth, into a piece of jewelry? 

Through trial and error, it was discovered that nanoparticles of precious materials reflect more light, and could be contoured and sculpted into innovative jewelry. Combining precious natural materials with Pesavento’s Polvere di Sogni allowed for a greater range of color and hues in the necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Discover these pieces and more framed in light with Polvere di Sogni. 

 Polvere Di Sogni by Pesavento at Silvari Jewels


A Timeless Collection: Forever Chic by Pesavento

Made of .925 sterling silver, the Forever Chic-Timeless Collection by Pesavento announces the new trend in fashion jewelry design. Clean, refined, and iconic. 

From paper link chains to bolder chunky links, the Forever Chic Collection walks the border between timeless design and modern aesthetic. Mixed metals make for more of a contemporary look, while still paying homage to timeless design. Delicate paper link chains are light and everlasting. Chunky links are daring and bold. 

Discover the Forever Chic collection by Pesavento.  

 Forever chic By Pesavento at Silvari Jewels


Pesavento’s Elegance Collection 

The Elegance Collection from Pesavento is inspired by woven circles, designed to stay together forever. 

The designs in the Elegance Collection from Pesavento are simple yet bold, classical yet modern. Pendant necklaces in sterling silver and rose gold vermeil feature two intertwined circles. The perfect symbol of two individual shapes making a whole elegant design. 

Multi-toned bracelets in the Elegance Collection are perfect for pairing with any personality or any style. The eternal loves in your life will appreciate the nod to their own multiplicity. We hope you find inspiration in these bold yet simple designs in Pesavento’s Elegance Collection. 

 Pesavento Elegance Collection at Silvari Jewels


Pesavento DNA Spring Collection

As fluid as silk, the DNA Spring Collection’s flexibility and whimsical finish offers both luxury and comfort to it's wearer. Pure 925 Sterling Silver is cylindrically wrapped to create this collection's flexible and whimsical finish. From simple styles to mixing in Pesavento's proprietary Polvere di Sogni finish, each handmade piece blends old tradition with a modern twist.


Pesavento Jewels for Women

We, at Silvari Jewels, believe that jewelry is more than fashion. It is a statement,  the perfect way to express yourself. 

We are especially proud to partner with Pesavento, a brand committed to the idea that women should be free to be themselves. Likewise, men who love and respect women deserve to be appreciated. 

A founding partner of Pesavento, Chiara Carli, stated “Women have great opportunities. There is a social sensitivity that moves women around the world without distinction of age, social class, and religion. It is a sign of great change in progress, because women are becoming aware of a real problem and are working to ensure that the value of ‘feminine’ vision in the world is recognized.”

Pesavento partners every year with initiatives that work to end violence against women. They participate in events like “Women in Run,” and donate to women’s organizations every year on the UN recognized “International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women.”

Pesavento for Women at Silvari Jewels



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