We live in the modern age, at a time when the environment needs ethical and sustainably sourced goods. The fine jewelry industry is no exception to that. Sourcing gold, silver, pearls, and gemstones needs to be done with minimal harm to the environment. We at Silvari Jewels exclusively partner with brands that are committed to these principles. 


While our brands are designing cutting edge jewelry, they are ensuring the sustainability of the manufacturing process as well.  There is more to see, more to explore, and more art to be made still. Silvari Jewels is committed to uncovering these future treasures, and ensuring our brands will continue. Silvari Jewels is invested in the present to preserve the future. 

Silvari Jewels Carbon Reduction and Sustainability

Pesavento is an RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) accredited brand. The RJC only gives certifications to jewelry makers that are committed to integrating ethical, human rights, social and environmental considerations into its day-to-day operations, business planning and decision-making processes. Every collection of modern jewelry that comes from Pesavento is dedicated to these values. We at Silvari Jewels are proud to bring Pesavento to you. Not only for their beautiful designs, but for their ethical commitment as well. 


MARCO DAL MASO is committed to sustainability using only 100% recycled silver and 18kt gold.  Without sacrificing the quality of the jewelry design, recycling materials such as silver and gold cuts down CO₂ emissions by 2/3 compared to mining these raw materials.  When you wear MARCO DAL MASO you are wearing elite, ethical, modern jewelry. 


Silvari Jewels Recycling 18 K Gold


Our partners at Silvari Jewels are evolving with the times ensuring the sustainability of the industry and the planet.

Make a Positive Impact with Silvari Jewels. 

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