The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA is a “fascinating world where the history of jewelry is also its own future.”

Carl Fabergé was born in St. Petersburg in 1846. He attended the top schools in Germany and traveled around Europe for several years before stopping in Frankfurt to study as a craftsman. At 26, he returned to St. Petersburg to continue his father's work as a master jeweler. In a short time, the young jeweler, transformed his father's small atelier into the largest jewelry factory in the entire Russian Empire.

In 1885, the Russian Tsar discovered the talent and quality pieces produced by Fabergé. On May 1st, 1885, the Tsar ordered his first egg and appointed Carl Fabergé the court jeweler. The company received international awards and recognition leading to almost all the royal families in Europe becoming customers. In the lifetime of the company, more than 150,000 pieces of jewelry were produced and more than 500 master jewelers worked there.

Born in 1930 in Switzerland, Tatiana Fabergé is the descendent of world renowned jewelry designer Peter Carl Fabergé.  

Until her death in February 2020, Tatiana Fabergé continued to educate, create, and inspire the direction of the Tsars Collection.   Tatiana was considered the leading expert in the techniques and history of Carl Fabergé jewelry design. 

Today, The Tsars Collection presents jewelry worn by women and men of all ages from around the world. This collection is created to continue the elite craftsmanship and tradition of Carl Fabergé designs, embodying his passion for design.  Explore this fascinating world of jewelry where history is also the gateway to the future of fine jewelry design. 

Romanov:   A Nod to Tradition

The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA includes a nod to the romanticized Romanov dynasty. Rich enamels and sterling silver are present in each pendant, ring, and bracelet. The guilloche enamel technique in these pieces is the same that was perfected by her great grandfather. 

Using a small key on the chain, the "Secret Keeper" egg unlocks a hidden chamber to store a message of love.   Much like the Romanov family, these jewelry pieces from The Tsars Collection are mysterious, beautiful, and romantic.




Olga:  Playful and Lighthearted 

The Olga collection as a part of The Tsars Collection by Tatitana Fabergé SA is dedicated to the eldest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II. It represents the joyful and lighthearted nature of the young princess with its use of colorful gemstones and delicate settings. 

Modern and elegant rings, earrings, and pendant necklaces in this collection come in a variety of colors. Natural toned quartz give these stunning pieces hues of green, purple, brown, and blue. This collection is also inspired by the traditions of Carl Fabergé traditional design. Using precious gemstones has been a passion of the family for centuries. 


9Nine:  Inspired Modern Jewelry

9Nine is a contemporary addition to The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA. 9Nine embodies new colors, innovative precious materials, and a fresh take on traditional silhouettes.

The designs of these European jewelry rings, earrings, and necklaces are refined. They come in a variety of colors to reflect the multitude of feelings and desires for the wearer.

From hued eggs to the "Enigma Egg" that opens with a simple click,  express your personality and style with a colorful piece of modern jewelry from the 9Nine Collection. 


TF Homme:  For Tsars, For Men, Forever

TF Homme is the perfect way to make any man feel confident. Give him the perfect pair of cufflinks from The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA. 

Using the traditional technique of Guilloche Enamel, there are no other cufflinks with the same saturation of color and regal hues. Sophisticated and elegant, these designs are unique and distinct as he is. 


Truly Traditional:  The Peter Carl Classics

Innovative, inspired, and timeless.  The Peter Carl Classics collection from the Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA are the most authentic interpretation of the traditional Carl Fabergé designs. 

This collection uses the Guilloche Enamel technique, giving the pendant necklaces their rich color and sophisticated style. With designs that have stood the test of time, the Peter Carl Classic collection is rich with history, elegance, and forever in style.





The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA, while rich with tradition explores  modern innovation.   These pendants are a perfect mix of passion and art, held close to the heart and loved by all who wear them. 



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