Bold, Raw, Rebellious Jewels for the Modern Man.

In today’s day and age, men’s jewelry has become a pinnacle in fashion and self-expression. Men are encouraged to embrace all aspects of themselves in fashion and in life.  Celebrities no longer appear on magazine covers or red carpets without wearing styled jewelry. 

MARCO DAL MASO Acies Rings at Silvari Jewels

At the forefront of men’s jewelry is MARCO DAL MASO. Creating the ultimate form of elevated style and individuality for him.  



The History of MARCO DAL MASO

As a boy, Marco Dal Maso learned jewelry making from his father in Italy. As he grew more curious about the world, he ventured out and traveled through many countries and cultures. 

Inspired by the individuality and uniqueness of these different cultures, Marco Dal Maso returned to Italy with a newly fueled passion for his jewelry designs and launched his eponymous brand MARCO DAL MASO.

Using 100% recycled sterling silver and gold,  every piece of jewelry is handmade by Italian artisans. 

MARCO DAL MASO History with Silvari Jewels


The Collections from MARCO DAL MASO

The MARCO DAL MASO brand features a wide array of collections containing bold colorful enamels, genuine Italian leather, and distinctive clasps.  You can explore the MARCO DAL MASO collections: Acies, Ara, De Stijl, Flaming Tongue, Lash, and Ulysses at Silvari Jewels now. 

Acies in Latin means “Line.” This collection by MARCO DAL MASO is inspired by the idea that though we all move along our own path, our lives run parallel with one another. Sterling silver rings, men’s pendants, and bracelets reflect these bold, symbolic lines. 

Acies by MARCO DAL MASO at Silvari Jewels

Ara is made for evolution and growth. Patterns of strong yet fluid lines remind us of the connections between our abundant pasts and unrevealed futures. You can find intricate, meaningful engravings in the Ara men’s rings by MARCO DAL MASO. 

De Stijl is an incredible collection inspired by the De Stijl art movement and Piet Mondrian. Both of these sources of inspiration are symbolic of modernist ideals. Minimalist, bold, and innovative in their nature is jewelry for the modern man. 

Flaming Tongue is MARCO DAL MASO’s most rebellious collection. Using innovative and cutting edge materials like leather, men’s jewelry is able to transcend traditional ideals. The symbol of the tongue is believed to represent rebellion in some cultures and respect in others. MARCO DAL MASO incorporates both with the bold designs in the Flaming Tongue collection. 

Flaming Tongue Marco Dal Maso and Silvari Jewels

Lash is the perfect blend of bold materials and thoughtful, daring designs. Italian leather is interwoven with precious metals. Some two-tonal metal rings bring multiplicity and depth to the collection. Lash is colorful and bold. Unique for the modern man. 

Ulysses by MARCO DAL MASO is the ultimate display of masterfully crafted materials. Each chain link of these men’s necklaces, bracelets, and men’s pendants are handmade in Italy. No finer quality exists in the world. No collection is better suited for elite luxury and unapologetic style. 


MARCO DAL MASO is Ethical and Sustainable 

MARCO DAL MASO is perhaps our most impactful partner at Silvari Jewels when it comes to sustainability and ethical sourcing. The MARCO DAL MASO brand has innovated and refined the practice of using recycled 18K gold and sterling silver. This has reduced the carbon footprint of the brand by nearly 1/3 without sacrificing quality.

When we think of modern values, aesthetics, and ideals, the conversation of sustainability cannot be ignored. MARCO DAL MASO has pioneered the incredible practice of recycling precious metals, while committing to make all of his sourcing conflict free. Every piece of men’s jewelry from MARCO DAL MASO is conflict free. 

MARCO DAL MASO Sustainable with Silvari Jewels


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