Silvari Jewels curates collections of modern jewelry. Cutting edge designs of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are made from 18K Gold and Sterling Silver. We bring the finest European designed jewelry right to your front door.

The Silvari Jewels story begins on the cobblestone roads of Vicenza, Italy, the jewelry artisan capital of Europe where generations of artisans have been crafting, curating, innovating and inspiring artists around the world.  

When you are immersed in the colors, textures, and history of Vicenza, it is not difficult to imagine where the inspiration for the world’s finest jewelry comes from. Vicenza is known for pushing the envelope in modern jewelry design, reflective of a new age, a rich history, life, and color and is home to Pesavento, Alessandra Donà, and MARCO DAL MASO. 

The peak of fine jewelry comes every year at the VicenzaOro Exhibition.  Modern jewelry brands from all over the world come to this fair for inspiration. Nearly 50,000 people visit VicenzaOro to view the collections that are at the forefront of the next trends in fashion and where our European partnerships began.


Our European Jewelry Brands

Pesavento, Alessandra Donà, Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA, and MARCO DAL MASO are internationally renowned. We at Silvari Jewels are proud to bring them home to North America. 

Europe is the trendsetter in modern jewelry, continuously pushing the limits of design with the latest techniques in manufacturing. We’ve curated collections and brought them to you so you too can experience the beauty of European culture and modern jewelry. Each of our brands is innovative in their designs and manufacturing techniques.  

Pesavento uses their proprietary finish Polvere di Sogni to make each piece radiant.  From rich browns, cool grays, to midnight black - no other designers in the world can duplicate this process.  Pesavento also features its hallmark collection, DNA Spring, and timeless silhouettes from the Forever Chic collection that are all handmade in Vicenza, Italy. 

Alessandra Donà innovated with Cliclò. The Cliclò design is unique and allows you to interchange your pearls and gemstones with a simple click. Alessandra Donà designs using the world's rarest South Sea Pearls as well as Keshi, Akoya, and baby Akoya pearls.  Imagine the possibilities of self-expression through modern jewelry that exist with Alessandra Donà. 

We are excited to immerse you in the rich traditions of Russia with The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA. This collection is designed with the same rich colors and shapes that inspired Carl Fabergé, jewelry designer for the Russian Royal Family. The Tsars Collection by Tatiana Fabergé SA is at the cutting edge of using the Guilloché Enamel technique. Guilloché Enamel is a manufacturing technique that pairs bold colors with delicate patterns of concentric circles and shapes. 

MARCO DAL MASO designs jewelry for the ever evolving modern man. The designs of MARCO DAL MASO are bold, unapologetic, combine unique materials, and focus on modern values of ethical sourcing and sustainability. 

Each one of our partners at Silvari Jewels brings their own sense of history and craftmanship.  These brands promise both the innovation of modern manufacturing and the durability of the hand making tradition.

Handcrafting Silvari Jewels

Silvari Jewels are unique. As fashion continues to develop, fashion jewelry changes with it, and Silvari Jewels is no exception to that. Our pieces evolve as the world does, but stay rooted in refined design and unmatched quality. We curate the finest collection of jewelry the world has to offer that will compliment your individuality.  

Silvari Jewels is dedicated to finding brilliant, fashion forward, unique pieces, and delivering them right to you. When you wear Silvari Jewels you are immersed in our journey. Bold, innovative, and global, inspired by European design. 

Surpass your expectations of what jewelry should be.

Experience Silvari Jewels. 

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