13 Tips to Style Jewelry with Silvari Jewels

We, at Silvari Jewels, want to help you curate your style with fine jewelry. We’ve put together a guide, best practices, and different ways you can express yourself with styled jewelry. 

Fashion jewelry has become a staple in the modern wardrobe. Men and women alike are using jewelry as a statement of personality and art, and are celebrated for doing so. 

MARCO DAL MASO Styling Jewelry

As we gather and collect these unique jewelry pieces, we also learn from different cultures the best way to style and wear them. Bold Italian style demands layering and stand out accent pieces. The Russian influence depicts rich colors and delicate pendants. For over a decade, the team at Silvari Jewels has gained knowledge and styling tips from all over the world that we can’t wait to share with you. 

For Necklaces: 

  1. Space your Necklaces 1”-2” Apart: With varied chain sizes, it is easy to customize the length of your necklace. Be sure to space them apart so they don’t cover one another up or get tangled. 
  2. Layer Multiple Necklaces: Two pendants and a bold chain make for an elegant and contemporary style. Just be sure each piece makes its own statement. 
  3. Include Multiple Styles: Bigger necklaces should hang below smaller ones. Mix pendants and chains, or even mix materials to compliment the colors of your overall look. 
  4. What to do if you don’t want to layer: Be sure to check out a larger piece to make a statement!

For Bracelets: 

    1. Choose a Color Palette: Pick warm or cool colors, neutral or bold, and then find a pop of something unique but complimentary. 
    2. Experiment with Form: Different shapes create visually interesting displays and assortments. Finding unique shapes differentiates each bracelet from one another. 
    3. Wear multiple Bracelets at a Time: Stacking multiple bracelets allows you to pull in style components from your outfit. Layer colors, textures, and materials for the ultimate modern appearance.

For Rings: 

  1. Compliment Other Accessories: Rings are the perfect way to pull your look together. Use similar colors or shapes as your bracelets and necklaces to accompany your overall style. 
  2. Space them Out: Make sure you are not overcrowding your hand. Give some space for bolder rings, and layer up the more delicate pieces. 
  3. Find Colors you Love: You’ll see your rings the most when styling jewelry. Be sure to pick colors that make you smile when you look down at your hands. 

For Earrings: 

  1. Accompany your Necklaces: If you have a bold and beautiful necklace, it’s a good idea to go delicate on the earrings. You don’t want to overpower, or weigh down the top half of your look. But, if you are wearing a delicate necklace, allow your earrings to take center stage. 
  2. Look for Sculptural Shapes: Sculptural earrings have the ability to make your neck look longer and your jawline more defined. The more unique and sculptural your earrings are the more attention they grab - keep it simple, earrings only!
  3. Lean into Asymmetry: The modern style is now asymmetry, especially for earrings. If you can find two mono earrings that compliment each other, while remaining unique and individual, you’ve hit the modern jewelry styling jackpot. Be bold, be daring, try it out and see for yourself. 

Alessandra Dona Earrings

Put it to practice and have fun with it! Just like our handmade fashion jewelry pieces, honing in your style will take time. We know that you are just as unique as the pieces we collect. As your personal style will evolve, Silvari Jewels will evolve with you. 

We hope you find the perfect pieces to compliment yourself or your loved ones. Whether it’s an iridescent pearl necklace, a bold gold ring, delicately layered bracelets, or modern earrings, Silvari Jewels has the ultimate modern collection of jewelry. If you need guidance, or have questions about our fine jewelry, be sure to contact us, we are happy to help. 

Live a bold, unapologetic, modern life. Express yourself to the fullest with Silvari Jewels.

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